History of Integrity Biofuels - An Industry Leader

Integrity Biofuels was born when opportunity encountered experience. The Historyimpetus for the creation of Integrity Biofuels came when a county development agent approached Charles “Shorty” Whittington in 2004 concerning a fertilizer terminal he owned. The subject of that meeting was the possible creation of a biodiesel production facility. The meeting inspired Mr. Whittington to do an in depth inquiry into the possibility of entering the biodiesel industry.

Mr. Whittington is the founder of Grammer Industries Incorporated, a common-carrier trucking company opened in 1977 and a leading transportation service provider specializing in the transportation of Historyfertilizers in the Midwest. Mr. Whittington’s experience in trucking also includes serving as Board Member and Chairman of the Indiana Motor Truck Association, Chairman of the Agricultural Transporters Conference (ATA Division), and as Vice Chairman of the American Trucking Associations. Thus he was well positioned to understand both the need for and the potential of an alternative fuel such as biodiesel.

In the course of researching the biodiesel industry, Mr. Whittington and his team of son/business partner John Whittington and research analyst Ron HistoryHowe visited several working biodiesel production facilities, joined the National Biodiesel board, and attended the National Biodiesel Conference & Exposition in early 2005. He then commissioned a feasibility study. The study confirmed that the many positive things being said about biodiesel were true. Mr. Whittington subsequently registered Integrity Biofuels as an independently incorporated company with the state of Indiana in May 2005. The company is currently operating in Morristown, Indiana and officially opened August 1st, 2006.