Integrity Biofuels Grand Opening

Integrity Biofuels proud producer’s of Indiana’s Premium Renewable Fuel, soy biodiesel, opened its doors on August 1st for a crowd of over 500 dignitaries, farmers and leaders from the agricultural and renewable fuel community.Event Speakers: Charles Whittington, Chris Novak, Fletcher Hall, Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman, Andy Miller & John WhittingtonIndiana’s very own Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Skillman said “Integrity is not only good for the community but good for the state and the well being of our children’s future.” Skillman has long been a proponent of renewable resources and the positive backing and impact that Indiana government has given the renewable fuel industry has been invaluable to Integrity and other renewable fuels sources in Indiana. With America using more than 20 million barrels of oil every day, importing almost 60% it is a necessatuy that we use renewable resources. State Officials say that Indiana will become the Nations leader in renewable fuel production. The program also consisted of remarks by Indiana Agriculture Director Andy Miller, American Trucking Association Executive Director “We want our fuel from the mid-west not the middle-east.” stated Fletcher Hall Executive Director of the American Trucking Association’s Agriculture & Food Transporters Conference. “We have to take charge today” said Indiana’s Agriculture Director Andy Miller. Chris Novak, Executive Director of the Indiana Soybean Board and agreed and stated “It’s up to the citizens to urge our schools to use Biodiesel in their buses and urge our gas stations to provide both Soy Biodiesel and Ethanol at our pumpsThe program ended with tours of the new facility and lunch. More Event Photos