Buyers' Section

Integrity Biofuels is dedicated to producing Indiana’s Premium Renewable Fuel. Our process is uniquely automated and uses the latest technology to assist in quality control and efficiency.

As a buyer you can be assured that the product you receive from Integrity Biofuels exceeds all standards of quality laid out in the ASTM D-6751 specifications. Checks and controls are in place throughout the production process.

Integrity is unique in the fact that we sample and test every 28,000 gallon batch, 55 times between the last process tank and the load-out tank. The QTA system allows hourly checks to be run at the last process tank, then middle and bottom samples are checked in the first storage tank. Finally the load-out tank is checked top, middle and bottom before a certification is given to the product. This ensures that all of the final product exceeds ASTM specifications.

Below are links to samples of the paperwork which will accompany each shipment from Integrity Biofuels. Included will be the Bill of Lading, Biodiesel Certificate, & Sample Analysis Result Sheet.

Integrity Biofuels Paperwork Examples

Purchasers must be approved prior to shipments. Below is the link for a credit reference sheet to be filled out and faxed to: 765.763.7080. Please note that shipments can be arranged 24 hours a day but require a scheduled appointment. 

Credit Application

ACH Authorization Agreement

B100 Certificate of Analysis